We're pleased to announce the new DFA Analytics beta and the beta integration of Ad Planner within the DART for Advertisers (DFA) platform. Now enhanced with Google technology, DFA offers a more unified and efficient platform to plan, execute, measure, and optimize your online display advertising campaigns.

New! DFA Analytics Beta

DFA Analytics is our new reporting and visualization tool for viewing advertising performance data. It shares similar technology with Google Analytics; if you've used Google Analytics before, you can quickly come up to speed with the easy-to-use graphical reporting tools that are now part of DFA.

With DFA Analytics, you can:

  • Get frequent updates--about every three hours--of your campaign performance data.
  • See account performance at a glance, in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.
  • Drill down through reports at the advertiser, campaign, site, ad, and creative levels.

You can also review performance by:

  • Country, designated market area (DMA), state, city, area code, or zip code.
  • Hour, day, week, month, and one or more date ranges.
  • Browser, operating system, and connection speed.

Here's an example of a DFA Analytics campaign report, graphed by day, with ad performance data:

New! Google Ad Planner Integration

Google Ad Planner is a research and media planning tool that can help you identify sites where audiences are likely to visit, make better-informed media planning decisions, and manage your media plans.

With the upcoming integration, you can:

  • Access Ad Planner data (already used by tens of thousands of media planners each week) directly in DFA.
  • Enjoy effortless transitions between planning, trafficking, and reporting features.
  • Collaborate on media plans using existing account structures and permission settings.
  • Take advantage of new Ad Planner features customized for large agency buyers.

Stay Tuned

Overall, this release is designed to increase the efficiency of managing online advertising campaigns with DFA. It's just the beginning to a more unified, efficient, and effective advertising platform.

Please note that DFA Analytics and Ad Planner are only available in DFA 6. To inquire about DFA 6, please fill out our inquiry form.