It is often noted by industry observers that transaction costs for online display media remain unnecessarily high. Discrepancies are a big part of the problem. Every month advertisers and publishers share ad serving reports and go through an arduous reconciliation process, often revealing campaign errors that could have been fixed earlier and kept advertiser budgets and publisher revenues on track.

In response, the IAB introduced the Impression Exchange standard last year. The Impression Exchange facilitates the exchange of ad serving data between publishers and third-party ad servers, providing publishers with daily updates on discrepancies to help flag potential issues. The use of the Impression Exchange is also central to the IAB and 4A’s new standard terms and conditions released earlier this year.

DoubleClick is proud to announce that we are the first advertising technology provider to achieve end to end compliance with the Impression Exchange. Additionally, we are working with our colleagues throughout the industry to ensure interoperability as they also adopt this new standard.

The Impression Exchange offers a number of benefits for advertisers. It reduces the amount of time spent resolving discrepancies and eliminates the need to manage multiple reporting sign-ins for publishers. Also, the IAB and 4A's new terms and conditions state that if a publisher using the Impression Exchange is working with an advertiser who has the solution available but is not using it, then the publisher's numbers will be used for billing.

The Impression Exchange is available today in DoubleClick for Advertisers and DART for Publishers, with integration of our full suite of DoubleClick publisher products planned for the future. In fact, DoubleClick is currently the only solution to adopt this standard. To take advantage of this, make sure you enable this feature in DFA to help fight discrepancies and make display buying more efficient for everyone.