A little while ago, Google embarked on an ambitious project to make the web faster. We’ve taken a number of steps towards this goal, everything from helping online properties measure the speed of their sites with Google Analytics and improve their performance with Page Speed, to enabling our AdSense partners to load their pages faster. Today we’ve made another exciting leap forward...speeding up ad serving in DoubleClick for Advertisers.

Here, in a nutshell, is how we did it. We streamlined the process of issuing the DFA ad request and returning the ad to the browser by removing a step called the client-side redirect, and in the process shortened the time it takes to serve an ad. This speed-up is especially noticeable on mobile devices, where the extra steps in the ad serving process can slow down the user experience by an average of 1.5 seconds.

Even more interesting, when we looked at how faster ads on mobile devices affected interaction rates, we discovered that click-through rates increased by 12% -- a substantial difference! This project shows that speeding up the web both improves the experience for users and creates value for our partners...a true benefit for all.